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Sales Representation and Best Cost Country Sourcing

Alegre partners with capable and qualified manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and South America to find the Best Cost Country source for your product.

Purchasing and Engineering Interface

Our Program Managers are involved in the total development of the component part/assembly business.  We coordinate the quotation activity, liaison with engineering, resolve any quality issues and manage the ongoing supply of the part.

Production Control and Logistics (US Based)

Alegre is fully EDI compliant, managing releases, forecasts and shipping notifications. We interface with the Customer’s PC&L activity for requirements and cumulative shipment information and work with the Customer to resolve any release discrepancies. We regularly provide our Vendor Partners with shipping reports for consigned material.

Materials Management

Alegre analyzes release information to compare forecasted quantities to actual shipments in order to verify the information used in our Vendor Partner’s production planning. We provide Customer requirement information to our Vendor Partners and track inbound shipments, inventory of the pipeline, and safety stock inventories.

Warehousing Services

Alegre performs an incoming inspection of the manufacturers part, provides storage (safety stock), and JIT delivery services. We manage our inventory through a world class ERP system which provides barcode labeling and complete lot trace-ability from receipt of material through serialized shipments to the Customer.

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